A Compelling Best Buy Visit

1 minute read Published:

While out shopping the other day, just before stopping at my favorite fast food restaurant for lunch, I breezed into my local Best Buy for a look around.  I’ve been wanting to play with some modern day Android tablets, not to mention the BlackBerry Playbook, so I thought this as good a chance as any.  I ran into a sales rep in the tablet area while fondling a fairly nice HTC unit – he gave me a demo of the tablet’s pen functionality, which certainly gives it a leg up on most of the other Android tablets on display.  However, as we discussed the modern tablet landscape, he surprised me by name-dropping Palm/HP and the Touchpad.  I’m not sure whether HP is leveraging some of their marketing might to get sales reps talking up the platform or not, but he seemed genuinely positive about the Touchpad’s future in the market.  I guess we’ll see if HP can pull out all the stops and take on the IOS and Android juggernauts.  The showdown should only be a month or two away.