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My Current Setup

My Current Setup

Well, I’ve been away for awhile. Anyone who actually visited this page (not many of you did) probably found out that I tried to venture out on my own in business. Since that’s now under my company name (yep, I’m a CEO), this old domain can go back to doing what it was meant to do in the first place. A semi-occasional listing of my rants about technology will appear here on a regular basis, accompanied by pictures, videos, or whatever else I feel like. Visit, or don’t, that’s completely up to you.

I yanked most of the stuff from my old blog, so there should be a good amount of interesting ramblings to sort through if you’re stumbling across this for the first time.  I killed off most of the comment spam from the old blog, hopefully I can keep that from happening here.

Speaking of my old blog, I’m hosted in a new location now.  It seems that my old hosting provider…eh…lies when they say that they can handle WordPress on their cheap, Windows based hosting solution.  I didn’t really feel like switching hosts, so until I can afford another VPS box, and some fancy forwarding will have to suffice.  It should be considerably faster than my last WordPress blog to load, at the very least.