Memespeak in the Tech Industry

1 minute read Published:

I love my job. I really do. I work with a highly skilled group of people, doing some very interesting things with computers. I do have one complaint. One small, minor complaint. This seems to follow me wherever I go, be it a helldesk, MSP, or a hosting company.


I really can’t stand it. All of the doge-memes, the “moar” this, or “much” that, needs to stop. I admit, I chuckle at the occasional meme. But, when it comes up in work conversation every single day, it drives me a bit nuts. We are professionals. Lets act the part. I’m sure I’d get flamed for this if anyone read this blog, but lets leave Reddit on Reddit.

This IT curmudgeon rant brought to you by night shift, too much Red Bull, and too little sleep.