Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review Preview.

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I finally upgraded my phone, got with the times.  Android has finally tempted me away from good old WebOS.  I do intend to share a full review/thoughts on my Galaxy Note 3 at some point in the very near future, but I’m trying to get accustomed to all the new features now available to me.  In the process of my experimentation with the new device, I started fiddling with a feature that I’ve never really used on any of my other phones – the camera.  The Note’s camera is one of the first that I’d ever be willing to use on a regular basis, and there are some very nifty photo editing tools that I wanted to try out.  They work in conjunction with the S-Pen to allow for photo manipulation.  I took a nice little snapshot of my ceramic tiger as a basis for my photo editing test.  A short time later…this happened.

2013-10-10 23.53.55

I cannot explain exactly how this happened.  More to come in my Note 3 review.